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MULTIVERSE (digital)


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W e are not composedofonesoundripple, butmanyoverlapping ripples. As pebbels ni tao an p aonnda laongdy ,w imaatcgnihedi nrogpp ntighm ea ny irnes uthltien gw wataevre. [p2a] tItte risn s snepoaraottin o pfg aaloxeiss osn ithbel es otou onbsde rhveot hrsip irzefeorrend smceaasulree thsi a rbftaicty st eayties,t ibcualtl oyne cbany lookingatheseparationsoflarge numbers of galaxies. “dwisaphepne thaea rlesdt ifllitroemratthe eha s pmaolnurennigtfo ,rm wankenid”. may dressni AM aPno r trait of Civili The Empire of Emptiness. zed TEh.e HMud .Csoion Rraenve iawn V,do M 1.l7 N,aor 1.t (h19ei6 lM4)athews. “dwisaphepne thaea rlesdt ifllitroemratthe eha s pmaolnurennigtfo ,rm wankenid”. may dressni AM aPno r trait of Civilized TEh.e HMud .Csoion Rraenve iawn V,do M 1.l7 N,aor 1.t (h19ei6 lM4)athews. Tears and Saints eDAmetnapstreian exsys. The good times are all gone.
179 7 was thwhy eheanr eroe sfaded and transmigrat ed from the world ofphysicallifeandhistoric al passion t o the world of visual fsaeTrimvohnmodaulut lnay tiotetieohnanre rt hvw ea a w gs e a o oo rwuldfs ash thesiufrtesimhde tadun:l a tion. ot he ageo fd e-evoulotin, or de-civilization. word ‚‘mobilization’ originally refers to mibalitocadtriyvy a oatfis otsnhe emo fnb atylhe taio nnsdo wcthehianel the homeland is engaged in war against the enemy. Since the thanks to the introduction of conscription and to modern systems of transportation, war became a general mob i l ization of the p opulation. Late capitalism is trans f e rr ing the military logic of mobilization into the sphere oftheeconomy: wo rk, product ion refers to military aabscodsteiyvm aotbfio yltn ha neod fn ttahhetei o nso wcheianl the homeland is engaged in war against the enemy. nciSeht en nietnhtc neut ,ryahtnksot t he All oof ur collective energies are enlisted to one goal: t o fight all othersinorderto survive. wMaoyb tiloiz ation gives goppf rhothoeseu inthniooodrnmizlo egensasn vtnaoee Tc:s Fahs la ca lulno eldfa ut see permanent fall?
A s an analogy, imaginedroppingmany pebbelsni to a pond and watching the resulting wave patterns in the water. [2] It is not possible to observe thispreferred ssepcaraaotinlo efg aal xeibs oyn theey soeu, nbdu hto oriznoen can measure this artifact statistically by lookingatheseparationsoflarge numbers of l[IscaomMe. sntdo.t.aeahlea] la cflreieyaianpsardp c d e el,tsetp edeh ,Ace aosr laionsfsnsretrn ,o t a omt eaanwsmfa n aosoytotd z cohobft i eihace ,etg bhiehf Eitneteie o eaoet y snrsle’ yt se r the society reaches iTwtshe epa lerteahak, sa nonundm ipsb osewirmse,pr . le[.:. .] maximum population, wealth, resource consumption, andwasteproductionmeanmaximum environmentalimpact, approachingthelimitwhereimpact outstripsresources.
It’snoteasytoharmonizeyourbreathing to the cosmic breath, when people are suffering aguroiltyu nind o yneo sue nasnde y ooru a nfeoetlh er for their pain because you know that your ojb is to find a solution, a therapy,a way out– and you are unable to say what should be done. “Unlikelying, animaginedreality issomethingthateveryone believesin, andaslongasthis communalbelievepersists, theimagined reatliy exerts force ni the world”. YuvalNoahHarari“Sapiens: ABriefhistoryof humankind” f“obdlToneehc sweetaian eubrerstedhsea , fatuoohtrfryee cd yo oe pfa aufarleotrrh wstf, rielciaek,ug erbsil lae auis nra tslyy natdh din g ftttbrehheasaeigqntir igul oece,f ,o a aaprnnnpadd sra eo tnlhi dkiisemye i or oaa ncfln, lo ytismhr tapiena sigrkles rsv,o .”ilti- kael
these are the limits of attention, of psychic energy l e a r n i ngfrom the b o d i l y Imagine you are fal l i n g . B ut there is no g r o und Imagineyoua refaling. Buthereisno groundImagine you are falling. B ut there is no groun dImagine you are falling. Buthereisnoground Imagine you are falling . But there is no grou n d Imagine you are falling. But there is no ground Imagineyoua refaling. no ground Imagine you are ut there is no groun dImagine you are falling. approaching the limit whereimpactoutstripsresources. Ina fc ot,ne o thfe main lesson to be learned , a n d t h o s e o t her past societies [...] is that asociety’ssteepdeclinemaybegin onlyadecadeortwoafterthesocietyreachesitspeaknumbers, wealth, and power .[]. The reason is simple :maximum populationwealthresource consumption, and wa s t ep r o duction mean approaching the limit dissociation of language Mcihel “Th eM ap eT” affective experience; the second is the virtualization of the experience of the other. from the bodily is the virtualization experience of the “Unlikelying, animaginedrealityis somethingthateveryone believesin, andaslong as thiscommunalbelievepersists, the mi agnied reatliy exerts force ni the world”. humankind” lft“aihklToneehwd yea naelbiyrkreesteha f auirnaatrgynge iiool mepnf afa aleonrlawdstri ctedthhure,s elosa itisfrirn slcyceaod odfu rr fbaoprsergs ecdeila,ee buia,s sut het, tvohintaalytl obafe gainrnog t,a eansniqmdu aethl , pesaitrir ncokodsry.”p osef ,t hlikeeir cocaine viagra prozac



11:5 6
The last illiterate
a xGopuhosntea bfsys Monats

Sickness begins when one starts to think
sample from introduction to “The War of the Worlds”
drama, read by Orson Walles, aired by CBS i n 1 9 3 8

Consider a s i n gle wwave relieved
vo ctahl bey Sptrinee sJsaunvrein oMno ttlhaen dsystem

God is noth ing m ore than
an acoustic h allucination

D .
13: 2 9
I f The U n i v e r s e i s
dE rxifptaindn ign ga,p aa rr te two
Expanding, are we drifting apart too ?oe ?
S axophone by Mats Gustafsson

Most of the tit les w ere taken
from EmilCi o ran


M u l tiverse wa s r e corded by
Maitc hCa2ł KSutupdicizo (inO cPtoozbenra 2ń0, P15o)la nd
Mixed and Mas t e re d by
aHt a l d Soarta Gnicru Anubdeiorg (April 2017)

Additional recordin g s:
VSoaixc e— — El vZe rakceht ęinta S Ntoactkiohnoal l mga (Mllearrych i n20 W17)a brsya Ow(loOf Mctoabdesern 2 014) by Michał Ku picz

Gra phi c de signby
moo n ma d n ess. eu

D i Gr o tes k font by
th r ee dotstyp e

iRnsetlaenats-celda susnicd.ecro emxcl u sive
Manufactured and distributed by 8Merch.com
celda susnicd.ecro emxcl u sive

You can d o wn load
this album f ee and $upport if you feel like it.
WIt’es wnootu not pri ce ___ value.
pldr icliek eth taot ccroenattreisb uvatelu eto.
a culture of
shared access and to bu
ilding a language that
allows us to
feel unity and harmony
o v e r t h e r emains ofcapitalism.

We want to men t i on also, in d irect i n fluen ceo f
Da gnyS zwed and Ma gdalena Fo r ma n0vvi c z,
that was bof, h subt th le and strong, and affected the
chara ccter of this record.
aWse c oarllea bsourraptroisres do na ntdh isa sahlbaumme,d to list mostly males as we do believe that femin ine factor was
predomi nant to its na
Many thanks to aall thture.e womenthat
have hel ped to m ade this album.

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Ada mPendl eton
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released October 10, 2017

All tracks written and performedb y
KDoannraiedl SSzwemwoeldeń s—ki d— r u bamristo naen dm issile,
hammond organ
Stín e e Janvin M otland (voice B1)
and M atsG ustafsson (baritone saxophone A & D)


all rights reserved



BNNT Warszawa, Poland

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